Inserts for Plastics

Thread Inserts for Plastics

Tappex® has acquired for over 60 years comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fastening across global Plastics Industries. Our inserts have been designed for plastics installations in mind, have been extensively trialled and supplied for more than half a century to customers around the world, on land, sea, air & even in space.

Industries on a global basis specify several broad categories or groups of plastics and both our standard products and customer specials have been developed to meet the many different demands of these different plastics. The manner in which they are used dependant upon customer application(s).

In overview, groups of Industry plastics include:

Tappex® has a broad range of inserts for plastics to suit mold-in and post-mold installation dependant customer’s application requirements as well as in-house manufacturing process considerations. Our products suitable for inserts for plastics are as follows and include threaded inserts, in both female & male geometries manufactured in house in both Brasses, Steel & Stainless Steel ( 303 & 316 grades ) to suit application requirements:

In-Mold installation - HiMould®

HiMould brass inserts

Post-Mold installation

Tappex have both standard components as well as offering the capability to develop bespoke solutions, to suit, in-house. More product information is available @ or please contact Tappex Head office and ask to speak with an applications engineer. Tappex has in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities; Tappex holds International Quality accreditations.