Inserts for Composites

Thread Inserts for Composites

Tappex® has acquired for over 60 years comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fastening across global Plastics Industries. Our inserts have been designed for plastics installations in mind, have been extensively trialled and supplied for more than half a century to customers around the world, on land, sea, air & even in space.

As new materials are being developed, globally, for weight reduction, mechanical strength and manufacturing sustainability Tappex remain at the forefront of supplying technical fastening solutions. Some of these materials specifically include Glass reinforced plastics (GRP), combinations of metal alloy(s) and foam/wood/paper-based sandwich constructions and Carbon/Kevlar fibre laminates. Tappex as a fastenings technical-leader has identified bespoke requirements for mechanical joining of these contemporary materials and offers both standard and bespoke product solutions, to suit OEM and other critical industrial applications.

Tappex Threaded Inserts for Composites fall broadly into 2 categories, namely: Self Threading Inserts and bespoke Rivet Nuts.

Foamserts® - Self Threading Inserts

 Trisert-3® - Self Threading Inserts 

Trisert-3 inserts

MultiRiv® - Bulge Control deformation 

More product & tooling information is available @ or please contact Tappex Head office and ask to speak with an applications engineer. Tappex has in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities.