Inserts for Metals

Thread Inserts for Metals

Tappex® has acquired for over 60 years comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fastening across global industries. During the past 15 years, in particular,  our range of self-threading inserts have been progressively developed to include new products necessary to meet the demands of the metals processing industries and more critical customer applications.

Such critical applications include: Castings, machined & sometimes fabricated parts produced from Light metal alloys i.e. Aluminium, Zinc & Magnesium. Our thread inserts have been extensively trialled and supplied to customers around the world, on land, sea, air & even in space. Our threaded inserts are of the self tapping type installed into either cast or pilot drilled holes to suit customer’s product manufacturing processes.

Trisert-3® - Self Threading Inserts 

Available in sizes Metric M2 to M10, with Unified and British Standard threads possible.  More product & tooling information is available @ or please contact Tappex Head office and ask to speak with an applications engineer. Tappex has in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities.